Business Valuation

Business Valuation is a statutory requirement for issue or acquisition of shares, mergers, slump sale, brand transfer, employee stock options etc and is also required to dilute the stake in the Business to an outside investor Group (Private Equity / VC Fund).

CAPITIARE possess extensive expertise in valuation for businesses in different industries. We apply holistic approach with extensive industry/sector experience. We assist companies to identify, measure and realize the value of their assets by providing independent and well-supported valuations. Considering CAPITAIRE is not a Registered Valuer, we shall assist the Businesses to obtain the certification required from a Registered Valuer through our affiliated firm.

Our extensive experience in Business Advisory services in tax and regulatory filed, helps Businesses to make decisions confidently, its results, helps to get ahead of key issues and analyzing business’s underlying assets, unlocking their value in today’s marketplace.



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