Merger & Acquisition

Entity restructuring including mergers, de-merger, slump sale, dilution of shares etc can create tax opportunities that many organisations overlook. Our tailored approach on each transactions to cover a host of legislations and regulations including direct tax, indirect tax, corporate laws, accounting standards, exchange control regulations like FEMA, etc. We provide comprehensive advice in the following areas:

  • Lawful tax planning solutions for complex transactions or business arrangements, including advice on structuring options like mergers, acquisitions and other forms of business reorganisations, in compliance with the statutory regulations
  • Restructuring of family holding business as part of family succession planning
  • Tax due diligence support in Merger, De-merger, acquisitions and corporate reorganisations
  • Business Valuations support as per globally accepted methodology (including for prescribed regulatory compliances under Income Tax Act, FEMA, etc)
  • Assist in drafting the Scheme to be filed with the NCLT in consultation with the Legal Counsel / Company Secretary
  • Assist in obtaining regulatory approval, if any, for the restructuring schemes
  • Post implementation assistance for achieving successful implementation of the Scheme



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