Marketing & Sales Management Advisory Services

Marketing and Sales is the revenue generating activities of business. The right marketing strategy paves way to business growth as it means that business products /services offered are in total alignment to client needs and are solving client’s problems. Sales management advisory services ensures that the organization puts up the best process and systems which enable sales teams and clients to interact and complete the sales process in the most optimum way. CAPITAIRE has deep experience in helping clients across startups to large organizations in designing their marketing and sales strategies in line with vision and mission of the organization .

We can provide you with expert information regarding branding, promotion and marketing strategies which is vital for your business success. We help you develop overall brand strategy after carefully considering the target market, existing competition, business trends, customer perception and product value.

Territory Sales Planning Advisory

A sales territory plan is an accomplishable plan for targeting the right clients for a particular geographic location in order to create consistent sales growth and attain the projected sales target.

We help you create territory sales through data-driven decisions . Our planning would be data driven based on the previous performances, industry, customers and prospects thereby helping you in achieving greater productivity and results. We help you attain more productivity, sales growth, customer coverage and reduce the spend on non- productive sales spend.

Key Accounts Management

Key Account Management is a strategic management process which aids us in maintaining and expanding relationship with the key accounts which have given us a substantial amount of profit due to its repeated purchases over the years. 80% of business comes from 20 % of such key accounts. Winning and maintaining key customers for the long term is one of the most crucial things in business success in this highly competitive market. Every account requires a different approach and nurturing than the other.

We help you evaluate assess previous investments and help you in fine-tuning investment to build and better and long-lasting relationship with your key accounts. We understand that key account management is an organizational change and different departments in an organisation collectively work together for the success of the organisation. We will help you map the customer engagements, customer economics and help you open up opportunities and positive user experience.

Large Deal Management Advisory

Large deals are of strategic importance for any business. At CAPITAIRE, we can help you in defining the process of addressing large deals by studying the nature of business and support you build processes which can go a long a way in making your organisation well equipped to handle large deal management.

CAPITAIRE also engages in one on one large deal management services where we consult organisation on deal strategy, proposal building advisory, large opportunity mapping and management. We work with our client organisation in complete confidentiality and integrity. The revenue model is based on time effort and success fee model so that clients experience complete value in engaging with us.



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