Business Project Reports

CAPITAIRE’s Business Strategy and Planning Services help an organization from ideation and inception onwards to planning their growth as well as transformation to a large enterprise that’s tuned to growth and changing business environment.

CAPITAIRE’s deep experience in business strategy and building sustainable business models empowers clients to adopt the right strategic direction and model.

Business Feasibility Assessment

Sparkling ideas are not enough to lay out a long-term sustainable business. A feasibility study empowers business to analyze the different aspects and potentials of the new business idea, product, service line opportunity. CAPITAIRE’s business feasibilityIt helps organizations to evaluate the economic, legal, technical, and commercial factors that determine the feasibility of a business project.

We establish feasibility using secondary market research, market feasibility analysis, financial feasibility, operational feasibility, social, economic and technological factors and understanding of government regulations, risks etc. Our feasibility study reports help provide business entities and organisation crucial information that can aid them to make feasible decisions and viable solutions.

The deliverables and outcome of feasibility assessment engagements are reports which provide reasonable comfort to client on feasibility /non feasibility of the project as well as high level advisory on how the project can be made feasible.

Detailed Project Report

When businesses embark on large projects within the organization or initiation of a business involves input of significant capital and infrastructure expenditure a detailed project report (DPR) needs to be established to ensure project is executed effectively. DPR is a base requirement for large projects, projects that involve government funding, grants, projects requiring external funding and projects involving multiple stakeholders spread across various geographies.

CAPITAIRE has effectively built detailed project reports for various sectors using their integrated value delivery model. Developing comprehensive DPRs required strategic knowledge, operational knowledge, excellent project management skills, financial assessment and deep operational experience.

The deliverables are usually comprehensive detailed project reports that form the backbone of project execution and project investment management.

Geographical Location Feasibility assessment

One of the crucial factor that determines the success of a business is the location on which the business or project is set up. The Location feasibility study helps to draw out the procedural and technical possibilities. The feasibility of location study is done considering several factors such as Ecology, safety, socio-economic culture, finance, legal aspects, cost of transportation, raw material availability, demand, competition, etc. All the more above these factors, it is important to align the business owners vision, capacity to invest and select a location that can build and sustain the business over time.

A Location feasibility study might reveal the ideal project location selected isn’t suitable for that type of business. This can save considerable time, effort and money by understanding that their project was not feasible just by conducting a location feasibility study during the initial days itself.

Depending upon the client’s need CAPITAIRE does a comprehensive study on the location feasibility and successfully judge the cost required and the value obtained for a location. Here at Capitaire, we understand your needs and critically analyse the macro and micro aspects of a location and provide you with a sustainable and economically viable location choice for your business/ project.

Business Process Design & Redesign

Building a solid business process is the first step to building a business that can sustain and grow. Starting from organizations vision and stakeholders view at the top, it is important to design a business process in such a way that the management and the last mile employee in the business process is clear on what needs to be done, why they are doing it and how a certain activity needs to be performed and handed over progressively. Business process design and redesign improves efficiency, productivity and overall performance in an organization and is core to execution of business in a standardized form across the organization.

CAPITAIRE’s integrated value delivery model and business process mapping capabilities empowers organizations with realistic and world class process orientation for optimum business performance balancing the needs of people, process, technology and compliance and capacity of the stakeholders and management.



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