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Human Resource Strategy is a long-term plan created to manage the human capital to achieve organisational. Human Resource strategy is a business's overall plan for managing its human capital to align it with its business activities. HR strategy aims in developing Organisational structure,design, policies and practices for a long-term meeting both human and business needs

CAPITAIRE provides advice and expertise to address the top HR concerns like workforce analytics, employee engagement, organization effectiveness, talent management, Performance Measurement and Performance Management, and Reward and Recognition programs. We help you create new HR vision and strategy, new/ improved operating model and organizational structures, HR processes, supporting technologies, skills and competencies, KPIs and reporting.

We also undertake activities that would include, high level and detailed design activities, management of implementation, training activities, development of KPIs and ongoing monitoring processes for post-implementation, completion of the transition to business as usual. Additionally, this could include supporting the HR function through post-deal activities and transitions

HR Policy Framework & Design

Human resource is considered to be the most valuable resources of an organisation. The Human Resources Policy Framework & design help establish guidelines for management to obtain, promote and retain quality workforce in alignment with the abiding laws and social requirements to meet the organisational objective and business efficiency.

CAPITAIRE can help you set up the policies and framework for your organisation as follows

  • Recruitment and selection policy and standardisation of existing policy
  • Establishment of a conceptual framework that includes all training and talent management.
  • Evaluation of performance
  • Design and development of Training programmes
  • Setting up of rewards and recognition system
  • Setting up of health and safety system
  • Code of conduct and ethics at workplace

Competency Mapping & Design

Competency mapping is designed to consistently identify and assess individual and group strengths and weaknesses. The organization has a constant need to identify, measure and build desired competencies for the growth of the organization and to utilise its manpower at its full potential. It is very much necessary for an organisation to understand and map and evaluate the existing competencies for the long-term success of an organisation. Competency mapping can be used to recruit, develop and evaluate people for their roles, and it can be further used for compensation management too.

We help you understand, design and implement a competency model in your organisation. Also, we could help define roles and responsibilities and understand key performance areas of the role holder. We can assess and analyse the competency gap and bridge those gaps in future recruitment and formulate the training module accordingly.

Compensation Planning & Design

A compensation plan is a comprehensive package that draws out employees' wages, salaries, benefits, and terms of payment. It includes details about bonuses, incentives, and commissions that may be paid to employees. Paying the employee equitably is required to maintain the high performing workforce in the organisation.

The right rewards plan can fetch you better performances, continuously motivate employees, provide better satisfaction and lower attrition form the employees.

We are adept in advising on employee compensation and benefits programs to rightly rewards and motivate employees. We can help you create pension and social security plans for the employees which are tax-efficient and mutually beneficial for both employee and employer.

Performance Management System Design

The objective of a performance management system is to set targets according to business objectives and monitor performance levels A well-implemented performance management system will help in employee engagement and improved performances.

A well-tailored performance management system will help you track performances, reduce employee turn over, empower and motivate employees

Capitaire can help the company look closely at the performance reward system and significantly improve the existing system by calibrating and redesigning it efficiently. We can help you come up with better rewards and recognition systems thereby improving the performance of each employee.

We believe in identifying factors that motivate the workforce and reward each employee fairly and championing career development. We can help organisation drive behaviour to enhance performances to align with the business goals and strategies.

CXO Recruitment

We support our clients to hire the best available resources for the top leadership and management positions. We leverage our existing network,deep experience and manage the end to end process from screening candidates, assessing alignment, interviewing them, negotiations and supporting their transition during recruitment.



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